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A short history of one’s 9 Enneagram Designs and you will Small Resources getting Development

A short history of one’s 9 Enneagram Designs and you will Small Resources getting Development

Just like the Enneagram is approximately the interior framework your interior community, self-advancement is vital. It’s important to understand whenever learning a network like this one: we are humans which accidentally features then followed a routine to be, otherwise “style of,” and therefore signifies an adaptive means. It’s designed to meet our around three earliest, mammalian requires to have cover, love, and you can a sense of worry about, such as mind-really worth. It is built to help us manage the newest means i deal with being in the world. Types of, also known as the ego, isn’t always a bad point. It really gets even more flexible, versatile, at “all of our service” when we know it most useful and know whenever and just how it’s performing.

ENNEAGRAM Sorts of 1

The latest Compulsive, thinks you should be a great and correct, and not feel utterly completely wrong inside the a world that requires a good behavior and you can punishes bad decisions. For that reason, Perfectionists show up because the persistent, in charge, improvement-founded, and you may care about-controlled, but may even be critical, upset, and mind-judging.

Keys to development: 1s need to notice and then slow down the prominence of your own crucial head, enjoy errors only as the huge difference, and you will take on and you can feature notice and you can instinct combined with duty because the the road in order to wholeness.


The fresh new Giver, believes you must bring totally so you can someone else and never feel entirely useless inside a give-to-score world. Consequently, Givers was compassionate, of use, supporting, and you will relationships-based, and in addition would be prideful, very intrusive, and you may demanding.

Keys to creativity: 2s need certainly to , include, and you will own the actual personal thinking and beat the fresh obsession with conference the requirements of very important anybody else in an effort to end up being treasured and out of the way.

ENNEAGRAM Sorts of 3

This new Artist, believes you need to to do and you can make it and never feel entirely incapable accomplish otherwise succeed in a scene that benefits performing alternatively than getting. Consequently, Musicians is actually industrious, fast-paced, goal-concentrated, and you can efficiency-based, but may also be inattentive so you’re able to feelings, impatient, and you will image-determined.

Keys to innovation: 3s must delay, allowed and you will appreciate ideas, notice that love try “being” along with “carrying out and having.”

ENEAGRAM Types of 4

Brand new Intimate, thinks you really must be unique and you can complete rather than getting entirely deficient inside the a world one to if you don’t won’t like you. Therefore, Romantics is idealistic, deeply perception, empathetic, genuine so you’re able to mind, in addition to are going to be dramatic, moody, and frequently self-absorbed.

Secrets to innovation: 4s need to overcome the brand new longing for what they perceive are “still” destroyed and you can evaluated the-very important, take pleasure in what is positive in daily life now as is, and you can accept self as the adorable, independent of the lady/their character that have being forced to feel unique.

ENNEAGRAM Sorts of 5

New Observer, thinks you must be self-sufficient and you may knowledgeable and not become thoroughly depleted for the a scene you to definitely needs excessive and offer too little. Thus, Observers is liberty-looking to, non-requiring, analytic/careful, and you will unnoticeable, but also is withholding, isolated, and you will overly private.

Keys to advancement: 5s need certainly to enjoy the difference between the fresh new natural circulate away from life opportunity, understand that detachment encourages intrusion, representative toward sense and you can thoughts, and you will proceed on the life a lot more totally and you will energetically.

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ENNEAGRAM Particular six

The fresh new Dedicated Skeptic, thinks you should acquire confidence and you will security rather than be utterly powerless and you will oriented during the an unsafe globe you just can’t trust. For that reason, Sixes was on their own dependable, devoted relatives, and wondering, in addition to would be excessively skeptical, accusatory, and you will either very confrontative or avoidant out-of fearful activities.

Secrets to invention: 6s need to see the preoccupation having issues and also the accompanying over-creative imagination regarding hazard and you can projection, hear what is currently just fine, become one’s individual power, and produce deeper have confidence in thinking while others.

ENNEAGRAM Types of seven

New Epicure, thinks you must keep lives discover and you can flowing rather than getting utterly minimal for the a scene that triggers aches and you may constraints. Thus, Epicures are optimistic, upbeat, possibility- and you can satisfaction-looking to, and you can daring, plus should be soreness-avoidant, uncommitted, and care about-helping.

Secrets to development: 7s need certainly to know the latest excesses away from upcoming planning and you can crave to possess knowledge, make lasting commitments, and you can deal with every one of lives: soreness, anxiety, boredom, limits as well as satisfaction, joy, adventure, and you will solutions.


The latest Protector, thinks you really must be strong and you can invulnerable and never be utterly powerless for the a hard community where the effective usually takes advantage people. Consequently, Protectors try justice-looking to, direct, good, and you will step-depending, in addition to excessively impactful, excessively, and often impulsive.

Secrets to advancement: 8s need to see intensity and reduce impulsiveness, enjoy variations and you may vulnerability, and you may discover and you may modest affect other people.

ENNEAGRAM Types of 9

The brand new Intermediary, thinks you ought to search characteristics externally and not become entirely insignificant into the a world in this means you to definitely merge and you may not build a problem out of your self. For that reason, Mediators get on and also have collectively and are generally care about-forgetting, harmony-trying to, comfy, and you may constant, but also argument-avoidant and often persistent.

Secrets to development: 9s have to pay focus on very own self and needs, influence his/her very own priorities or take step on them, and desired soreness, change, and an enthusiastic individuated care about.

Curious about the way the Enneagram can help you generate because the a beneficial people? Learn more about new Enneagram’s Universal Growth Techniques, and use all round Enneagram Gains Practice in addition to an effective Type-Particular Enneagram Gains Behavior in order to enhance your own take action.

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